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Our Story

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Always natural.
Free from toxins.

Founded in 2013, Skin-Tonic's origin lies in creating all-natural, luxury skin treatments and products that enrich the body and lead to healthier, more nourished skin. 

We pride ourselves on using the healthiest available ingredients to support the skin, the body's largest organ and main protector. Our blends are gentle, wholesome, and rich in vitamins, helping to keep the skin stay hydrated, smooth, cleansed, and renewed. 

We handpick every ingredient we use to ensure we're providing top-quality, nature-derived luxury skin care options that are free of GMOs and pesticides. We believe that your skin is precious, and as such, deserves the best care.

Integrity is at the core of our brand. We develop non-toxic, cruelty-free organic products for men and women.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate, empower, and enrich ​people's lives by providing a variety of chemical-free solutions to skin health.

About the Founder

Charmika Hall is Licensed Esthetician, Beauty Artist and Wellness Practitioner who studied therapeutic herbalism with a focus on skin health and nutrition. She has been working in the skin care industry for over 8 years, during which time she has gained knowledge and experience in all aspects of holistic health, skin and beauty.

As a natural creator with a love for plants, Charmika decided to take more control of her skin health by honing in on her love for chemistry, alchemy and creating skin care remedies to solve common problems including hyperpigmentation, acne, and eczema. What began as a creative outlet turned into something of purpose and value, Skin-Tonic was born.

Charmika's interest in skin care was also driven by a desire to help people feel good inside and out, while being knowledgeable on the benefits of using organic products to achieve better skin results. To ensure that her clients are getting the latest in products and services, her ongoing studies include: herbal wellness, advanced treatment for acne, sun-damage and hyperpigmentation and holistic therapies for skin of color.

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Charmika believes in her personal affinity for herbs, spices and the powerful connection found between plants, art, human wellness and spirituality. She continues to expand on the knowledge of nature as it relates to healthy skin & self-care by offering professional skin therapy services along with her handcrafted natural skincare and aromatherapy products.

what we believe


Healthy skin improves self-confidence.


You should always leave a spa feeling relaxed, refreshed, and renewed.


Beautiful Skin and Self-care are lifestyle investments.


Luxury and quality skin care products don't have to come from large retailers.

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