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Microblading Brow Enhancements

Please review our Skin Precautions and important information in its entirety regarding our Microblading service to ensure this beauty treatment is right for you. We want you to be educated and fully aware of what to expect so that your appointment can be relaxing and exciting! New Appointments for Microblading require a non-refundable $100 deposit in order to secure your space and will be used toward the total cost of your first session.


We reserve the right to not offer cover-ups on any previous work outside of our own. In most cases there is shape, color correction and scar tissue which all have to be considered. Brows may appear faded but the skin can still be saturated below the surface and scar tissue damage will prevent the pigment from sticking well. If you had previous work done and would like a correction done, please schedule a consultation. This will allow us take a closer look and determine if a new appointment can be made. We care about the health of your skin and for these reasons may not be able to accept clients with previous microblading or microshading work. Thank you for understanding.

If you keloid or do not heal well from tattooing, we do not recommend Microblading. If you are taking any medications or therapies that affect your skin -  please get clearance from your physician prior to booking and let your practitioner know so they can use the proper technique. Medical conditions can hinder the healing process and end result. Further,  We do not treat clients who are pregnant or nursing. 

Things we recommend avoiding at least (2) weeks prior to your appointment date:

  • Blood Thinners - including ibprofen, aspirin, alcohol, caffeine.

  • Intense Skin treatments - including products and cosmetic (ex. botox)

  • Antibiotics, Diet Supplements

  • Accutane, Retinol and other acne medications - avoid these at least one month prior to booking


What to expect during your appointment? Your session begins with a consult where we discuss your options and measure your face to ensure symmetry. Next, our beauty practitioner will design the perfect brow shape with you, go over color options, and setup to begin the treatment. We apply numbing gel once the initial hair strokes are created.  It takes about 2.5 hours to complete the entire session for this appointment.


Be prepared to avoid these activities: Extreme sweat (exercising), Sun (tanning), Steam (saunas, steam rooms), and anything that can cause infection during the 7-14 day healing process.

Should I wax or shave my brows prior to my appointment? No. We don't recommend you wax or shave your brows. Your practitioner will work with your natural brow hair and remove any unwanted hair at your appointment. If you prefer to get waxing or threading, please do so at least 3-4 days prior to your scheduled appointment day.


Is this procedure painful? Pain is almost obsolete when the numbing gel penetrates the skin. We use a strong topical gel and reapply throughout the procedure. Most clients rate the pain 1 out of 10 depending on sensitivity of the skin.

What is the healing process? Healing takes about (5) weeks. You must wait (5) weeks between appointments to make sure pigment has resurfaced and to avoid causing scar tissue. Brows may look darker and intense the first week or so because the pigment is on top of the skin. Color typically lightens an average of 40% or two shades lighter when the new skin heals over. Any redness or swelling will go away within 2-3 hours. There is no down time.


Everyone heals differently. Usually, between days 2-10 the blood will begin to coagulate which will make the treated area appear darker. Typically between days 4-10 is when the flaking has subsided. The brows will look very light and can appear patchy. This is the new skin regenerating. Once that skin matures the pigment will begin to resurface. After (5) weeks if it hasn't resurfaced to your liking or hair strokes flaked off while healing  -  your practitioner will attend to this at your follow-up appointment to perfect the brows. Some clients experience no scabbing or patchiness, we just like to inform our clients of all possible outcomes so as to not be alarmed.

The healing process is just that - a process. Everyone's skin is different so it's important to follow aftercare instructions given by your practitioner and be patient with the process. Absolutely no picking or scratching!


When should I return for the touch-up and final completion of my brows?  Once your first session is complete, you are advised to return in 4-5 weeks in order to complete the last session and ensure maximum, long lasting results. Touch -up price is included with the initial cost  since this is required - so your second appointment will be at no additional charge. Clients must return no later than (8) weeks after the initial appointment. If you return after (8) weeks, your session will be considered a normal touch-up appointment and prices will depend on the the amount of time that has passed since your initial session. Please plan and schedule accordingly to avoid this payment.


How long does the treatment last? Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo that last up to12 months depending on your skin type, sun exposure, skin products, medication, etc. To maintain shape and color we recommend a touch up around 8 - 12 months. For oily skin, touch ups may be required around 6 - 10 months. 

What if I have blemishes or breakouts around the brow area? Please wait to book your appointment until you are fully healed. We will not be able to Microblade over the blemish or inflamed area.








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